How Do You Choose the Most Ideal Meeting Room?

Sometimes you are left with no choice but to stage a meeting outside of the usual business premises. But it does not mean you will settle for anything less than an ideal venue. The thing with business or corporate meetings is that you do not want the place you chose to be an excuse for failure. Once you realise that you need to hold it outside the office, it means you should look for Meeting Rooms at Playford Hotel equipped with all the bells and whistles.


So, what makes up a well-equipped meeting room? Well, here are the things you must look for in an ideal meeting room:


1 – Enough Space


The one thing you ought to focus on is selecting a venue that’s comfortable for everyone. The last thing you want is to people feeling cramped and uncomfortable because of the lack of floor space in the meeting room. Before looking at all other amenities and features, you must ensure that there is a suitable capacity for everyone to be able to sit and stand without bumping or rubbing each other’s shoulders. The truth is that it is better to be safe than sorry and just rent a large room if you are not sure about the exact number of attendees at the meeting.


2 – Air Conditioning


No one wants to be in any meeting and feeling like they’re in a sauna bath. You never will achieve the success you are hoping for if everyone is distracted by the sweltering temperature inside the venue. Meeting Rooms at Playford Hotel comes equipped with air conditioning, providing a comfortable environment for everyone.


3 – High Ceiling


A low ceiling room is a big no for a meeting. You do not want people to feel claustrophobic, and that is what a low ceiling room gives. It also will produce issues with lighting. Even if you provide additional light, it will create a small and dark atmosphere inside. Hence, you must be sure that you only consider Meeting Rooms at Playford Hotel with high ceilings.


4 – Heating Equipment


If the meeting takes place in the winter or cold months, it means the temperatures inside must be comfortable enough to combat the cold outside. No one wants to be in a meeting with their fingers turning blue and their teeth chattering because of the extreme cold. If you’re going to achieve a productive meeting, be sure the place you choose to have a central heating system to keep everyone warm while temperatures outside are below freezing.


5 – Facilities for Presentation



Finally, the ideal meeting room must have presentation facilities, the apparent purpose of which is to aid in the success of the event. A meeting usually requires the use of slideshows and PowerPoint presentations, but those things are not possible without tools like screens, projectors, and whiteboards. There is no point in conducting a well prepared discussion without the benefit of using visual aids for presentation purposes.