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Finding a Website Design Company – Some Useful Tips

If you have an online business or if you plan to take your business online, then am sure you know the value of having a website. A website will act like your virtual business office where people can browse to see what your business has to offer, find information regarding products that you are selling, know your business location and contacts as well as order products online if your company supports such services. Therefore, your website can mean the success or failure of your business. Online visitors will judge your business based on the way your site looks and they will instantly decide to do business with you or forgo you and your products.

To ensure that your website is presentable, interactive and responsive, you have to ensure that it is professionally designed. Website design is not a walk in the park, and so this is not a DIY task. You need to hire website designers with much experience in website design and who have an excellent reputation in the Adelaide website design industry. With such designers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business website is in good hands. The designers will employ the latest design techniques, tools and knowledge to ensure that they design a site that meets not only your needs but the requirement of search engines. They will as well customise your website to suit your business needs and to beat your competition.

Having the best website design means that you have to invest a lot of resources and time. Therefore, you cannot trust just anyone with such an important task. It would help if you were sure that you have the right brains working on your website. How then do you find the best web designer? It is easy when you know where to start.

When looking for designers, you should start by shortlisting the local site designers based on experience, reputation, affordability and depending on the type of website you are looking for. From this, you can then proceed to seek referrals from businesses that have successful online sites and find out whom they contracted to design it. Going forward, you can take your research online and find which website designers rank well and have excellent customer reviews. From all this information, you can then make comparisons and know which candidate suits your needs. At this stage, shortlist two or three candidates, interview them, and then hire the best. It is as simple as that.


Welcome to Colour Earth Design

We are designers and manufacturers of custom made iron work and wrought iron Balustrading for stairs, void balcony, external balcony and Juliet balcony’s, Wrought Iron Fencing and Wrought Iron Gates. Our work spans over many suburbs including, Brighton, Sandringham, Strathmore, Essendon, Black Rock, Werribee, Sunshine and more.

We are not limited to certain areas. We will and have serviced remote locations throughout Victoria.

Specialist wrought iron product design and creators

At Colour Earth Design Australia, we will hand-make custom wrought iron products from solid iron bar to suit your taste, budget and needs. Wrought iron specialists Riggo Borg and Jeff Fenech, together with you, will design and create your ideal wrought iron product – whatever the design. We can make internal and external balstrading (straight or curved) gates and fences, beds, tables, chandeliers, wall lights and fittings to suit your home or shop. There are no limits to our design capabilities. We enjoy designing new patterns such as Classic, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Gothic and more.

What you get:

Bring us your idea or design or let us create something that best suits you. You will receive an obligation free quote and sketch of your design to show you what the finished product will look like. However, to stop copycat designers, we will not give out, fax or e-mail the design until a contract is signed. This will keep your design exclusive and keep our administrative costs down.

What happens next?

When your design is drawn up, the basic framework will be done on site. Every care is taken to ensure the product is fitted perfectly and that there is no damage to walls and timber stairs cases. The design fill-in pattern will be done at our workshop. However, we encourage you to come and see its progress and make any changes you think might be required.

Painting it:

We paint all our work before installing it. The best quality enamel paints are used to give the finished product that traditional wrought iron look. You can choose a single coat or two coats, which will give it an aged-look and feel.

What about outdoor work?

All external work is hot dipped galvanized before painting to further prevent rusting over time. Our work has been published in various publications, including The Age’s homemaker magazine, Domain. Our clients span from the exclusive homes of Melbourne’s leafy east, to art studios and modern hairdressing salons.