Net Replacement Film – A New Advance in Silage Machinery

NetWrap net replacement film is a revolutionary development in silage machinery that produces higher-quality silage in easier-to-handle bales while improving feed protection.

NetWrap net replacement filmAdditionally, adding film around the bale circumference provides additional advantages by tightening its grip and compressing/expelling oxygen faster – helping ensure fermentation occurs efficiently.

Better Oxygen Barrier

If your product requires an oxygen and moisture barrier to maintain quality, then the correct type of film is essential. Not only will this keep your goods fresh, but it will also reduce waste, leading to higher profits.

Films come in various types, each developed to perform its specific function. They may be constructed out of high-density polyethylene, nylon or EVOH; they may also be coloured or transparent.

The raw materials fabricating these films enormously affect their function and durability. For example, EVOH is particularly suitable for oxygen barrier formulations, while nylon or high-density polyethylene can be utilised for moisture barrier purposes.

It can also be used for various agricultural products, such as haylage, grass and silage. Furthermore, it has become an excellent option in grain and cereal bags.

An improved oxygen barrier can have numerous advantages, such as reduced dry matter loss, decreased spoilage visibility, improved feed quality and aerobic stability. In addition, this increases product shelf life, resulting in greater profits for your business.

For optimal oxygen barrier effectiveness, layer the appropriate type of film under either a conventional black plastic sheet or a protective close weave anti-UV net. It will trap air within the silage clamp and prevent mould from forming on top.

Protecting the sheet and film from damage is weighing them evenly so all edges are sealed. Additionally, using gravel bags on the seams and shoulders of the sheets is beneficial; further, it shields them from sunlight with an anti-UV net or cover.

Better Durability

Net replacement film is a recent arrival on the market, and it already has many advantages. Not only does it deliver higher-quality silage in easier-to-handle bales, but it also increases feed protection.

Mantle film is designed with modern combination round baler machines or combo bale wrappers, making the process much faster and simpler than a traditional net wrap. It reduces valuable work hours and labour costs.

One significant advantage of this new technology is that it’s more environmentally friendly than a net wrap. In addition, it is made from the same types of industrial films and plastic materials used for outer packaging, making recycling much simpler.

Using the appropriate type of net replacement film for your needs is essential, so consult your agricultural machinery supplier and discover which kind will work best on your machine. Doing this guarantees your investment in new technology pays off over time.

Better Performance Under Transportation

NetWrap net replacement film is an ingeniously engineered product that replaces traditional round bale netting on many of today’s top-of-the-line combi wrappers. This results in a bale with a more consistent shape and finish than its older-fashioned counterpart, representing an essential advancement for silage production.

The primary advantages of net wrapping are its tight cylindrical bale construction that will withstand handling during transport. In addition, a more tightly compressed bale means less likelihood of cracking or breakage during transit, ultimately saving time and money in the long run.

It’s also an effective way to safeguard your assets from environmental elements like water-based precipitation and UV rays. Furthermore, this protective covering keeps your crops fresh and clean for extended periods.

NetWrap net replacement film can be used in several ways on your farm, such as around equipment and tillage crops, to protect them from damage. The highest-quality types are made from recycled fibreglass, corrugated plastic (recycled agrtech) or straw and adhered together with strong adhesives. These products are built to withstand weather conditions and heavy equipment – meaning you can count on them for years of reliable performance in farming operations.

Another way to enhance the efficiency of your ensiling process is by using net replacement film in your balers. This wrapping works particularly well when producing large numbers of bales that must be transported over long distances.

Net replacement film is the premier ensiling technology, offering farmers numerous advantages that will reduce expenses and boost productivity. Try it today to see how your farm’s profitability can improve!