RAMP RFID Solutions is a full-service solution integrator – handling all your system needs from early concept development to system implementation and deployment. They help their clients maximise competitive advantage through a broad application of technology that improves productivity and efficiency.


Thread Together is a national Australian charity that collects surplus brand-new clothing and redistributes it to people who need it the most. They have been able to drastically reduce their inventory costs and improve their management processes using RcFID. For more RAMP RFID solutions, check this out.


Real-Time Visibility

Real-time visibility is a big goal for many businesses as they strive to automate inventory counts and audits, streamline warehousing processes, reduce costs and improve customer service. Rather than relying on handheld barcode scanners that require line of sight, RFID technology collects data automatically and accurately without requiring manual intervention.


Visibility can also extend to follow assets in motion – whether it’s a returnable transit item, forklift or high-value retail merchandise that moves in and out of your business regularly. A centralised tracking system provides the ability to monitor asset location and status – and hold employees accountable for misplaced or stolen items. It’s a powerful way to mitigate loss and minimise the impact of a theft incident, allowing you to keep your valuable stock flowing smoothly.



It means your teams can stop spending hours manually scanning items for inventory, logging the movement of high-value assets and tracking inventory levels within seconds. It also mitigates costly risks like theft, counterfeiting and misdistribution.


With extreme visibility and accuracy, your business can improve inventory management processes and reduce costly mistakes. It ultimately leads to reduced overhead costs. In fashion retail, for example, out-of-stock issues due to inaccurate inventory can cost the company a lot. However, with a robust RFID system, inventory accuracy can reach 95% or higher. It helps to ensure popular items remain in stock for customers. It is a significant benefit for the industry that thrives on rapid turnover.


Reduced Costs

As a result of the extreme transparency that RFID offers, costly risks like theft, counterfeiting and misdistribution are eliminated, which reduces internal expenses and customer service issues. It can also save money by avoiding overstocking or understocking of products, which erodes customer confidence and requires expensive warehouse space.


Additionally, the fact that RFID tags don’t need to be in direct line of sight to be scanned means that a lot of time is saved in manual inventory counting and tracking, enabling staff to focus on more important tasks to improve business productivity.


FE Technologies’ Library Live dashboard shows real-time operating conditions for all of your RAMP RFID equipment in your facility, including security gate alarms, traffic reports and circulation levels (check-in and check-out figures). It is powered by our RFID technology, including low-profile floor ramps with built-in power and data cabling, allowing a streamlined installation process. This data is combined with several other powerful tools for automation and reporting. For more RAMP RFID solutions, check this out.


Increased Efficiency

The efficiencies offered by RFID solutions mean businesses are no longer forced to rely on teams of employees to scan and log the movement of items. It eliminates the risk of human error and translates into increased productivity levels across departments.


Using passive UHF RFID tags, companies can easily track assets in real-time, whether they’re in storage or on the go. It allows for agility in business decisions and actions, such as eliminating a slow-moving product from a sale or quickly providing an inventory count within seconds.


Founded in 2006, Yeon Technologies (a member of the Impinj value-added reseller program) provides RFID consulting, lab and field testing, hardware design services, and EPCglobal performance test services. Yeon is also an active member of EPCglobal, the leading global RFID standards organisation. Yeon Technologies resells the Impinj Speedway RFID reader and offers value-added RFID services to its customers, leveraging the benefits of UHF Gen 2 technology in supply chain, inventory and asset tracking applications.


RFID technology can be used to improve traceability and enhance loss prevention strategies. For instance, retailers can use RFID to automatically trigger alarms when high-value goods pass exit gates without being purchased. This system can also help retailers identify patterns of theft to improve loss prevention measures.