Womens High Heels: WildfireShoes Review

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womens high heelsThe Salewa Wildfire Edge is a comfortable alpine climbing shoe that works as a hiking and climbing shoe for technical terrain. Its POMOCA outsole provides traction and stability on rocky technical approaches, scrambles and traverses.

High Heels

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The Salewa Wildfire GTX straddles the line between approach shoes and hiking shoes. It’s a low-profile, well-fitting shoe that supports long approaches and hiking with a heavy pack. Its EVA midsole is firm enough to provide adequate cushioning, and a pull tab/clip-in loop on the heel makes it easy to slide a carabiner into.


NFPA-certified for wildland firefighting and emergency response, these boots offer all-day comfort with superior protection. The CROSSTECH inner liner is impervious to water, chemicals, oil and bloodborne pathogens.

The curved shape of the heel is an unmistakable sign of Pacific Northwest bootmakers, and it’s there for a reason. When making logger-style boots by hand, the craftsman tapes the heel of each shoe down with a drum sander, which naturally creates this curved appearance in the heel.

Logger-style boots have a high heel that lessens foot and lower leg strain when hiking steep terrain. Mountaineer-style, flat-soled boots are also available that meet NIFC guidelines and can be used on the fireline, but they’re not as comfortable or rugged as a logger boot with a lug sole. Whether you choose a logger-style boot or a flat-soled mountaineering style, ensure it meets the NIFC guidelines for protective equipment and is certified for wildland firefighting.


The Wildfire Edge fits narrow to average feet well and is an excellent choice for technical approaches requiring precision footwork. The breathable OrthoLite footbed also wicks moisture quickly, keeping your feet cooler and drier on longer hikes and scrambles.

The upper is constructed of ballistic mesh reinforced with Salewa’s EXA shell, which works like a plastic exoskeleton to offer torsional stability and protect the lightweight mesh from damage. This system also helps the 3F lacing to wrap your foot better and adds flexibility, support and comfort.

Unlike many approach shoes, the Wildfire’s shoelace eyelets run up the heel to connect with the upper. Cinching the laces tightly converts the shoe to climbing mode, forcing your foot forward in the toe box for greater security on technical stretches of rock. The unique POMOCA rubber outsole smears and edges well but doesn’t feel as sticky as some other approach shoe soles. The lug pattern is aggressive enough to scramble over loose rocks and mud.

Flip Flops

When looking for a pair of flip-flops, it’s essential to choose ones made with a durable rubber sole and sturdy. The straps should also be able to lay flat and won’t slip off easily.

The Reef Cushion Court flip-flops offer good arch support and a soft cushion for the feet. They feel comfortable out of the box and didn’t cause chafing or blisters during testing. Buy quality WildfireShoes here now!

Unlike traditional approach shoes, which feature shoelaces to create a more precise fit for technical terrain, the Salewa Edge sandals can be adjusted with an adjustment system that shifts the foot forward to help with precision edging and walking. This feature makes them great for trad climbers and alpine hikers who want to escape busy crags on technical approaches. They’re also light enough to clip onto the back of a backpack for hiking and easy to stow in a suitcase for travel.

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