Agricultural Importance of Using Silage Wraps for Storing Bales

The concept of bale wrapping first came out in the 1980s. This discovery has led to the development of baled silages, which continues to showcase its high quality, nutritious fodder that also features additional benefits. It lowers labour equipment and overall investment costs, all while enhancing feeding flexibility. This concept has also led to the production of some of the best silage wrap in the last decade. These wraps are used mainly on storing bales and keeping them fresh until the day they are going to be used.


The global adoption of wrapping bales has paved the way for more producers and farmers to find effective methods and techniques to quickly and cost-effectively feed their herds. Once crops are at peak quality, they need to be harvested and stored immediately to preserve its freshness and have them ready when the time for consumption comes. The best silage wrap enables you to gather your bales without relying on weather conditions and store them to lock in the nutritious goodness of your feeds. Various crops can be used in the process, with both harvesting losses and feeding costs get reduced significantly.


Valuable Resource for Storing & Preserving Feed


  • Silage feed during the winter has been an essential agricultural resource, but the increase in the cost for animal feed has emphasised the need to utilise baled silages and maximise on the summer crops.
  • Using bale silage stretch film to wrap and store bales in the correct manner will create an airtight seal that also facilitates a suitable environment to ferment the entire crop and make it more nutritious.
  • Properly stored and developed bales can maintain an oxygen-free condition during the entire storage process for it to be preserved well until the time of feeding comes.


Importance of Optimum Silage


Create an airtight seal, and densely-shaped bales are essential factors that will influence and promote the production of good silage. The duration of the entire baling process will result in spoilage when the producer lacks proper care and has poor silage practice. That’s why excellent silage and the best silage wrap is essential as both can provide you with the best quality bales when the process is complete.



Always Take Advantage of Bale Wraps


We can see that the development for the best quality bales lies on the best silage wrap and the best storing techniques. Take advantage of what technological advancement is giving you. Use the highest quality silage wraps and watch your bales develop into nutritious sources of food and energy for your livestock.