Pros and Cons of the Best DIY Gutter Guards Australia

Warning: no gutter guard can negate the need for a timely gutter cleaning. However, gutter guards do help reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning and the amount of time needed to clean them each time. While that may sound enticing, cleaning and installing DIY gutter guards Australia can be dangerous since the job is usually done while standing on a ladder or climbing onto the roof.



There are different kinds of gutter guards out there. That’s why you must know which type is best suited for your home. To help make up your mind, we made this article talking about the pros and cons of various DIY gutter guards.


Foam gutter guards

Foam gutter guards feature long pieces of dense thinner or triangular, arch-shaped foams designed to fit inside your gutters. The foam will allow water to pass through it while blocking leaves, twigs and other debris from entering your gutter system.



  • The form is super easy to install. You simply insert the pre-cut pieces of foam inside your gutters, and you’re done.



  • You need to purchase the triangular-shaped gutter foam to fit the size of your home’s gutters specifically.
  • Roof debris can stick and settle on the foam’s surface. Accumulation of too much debris can potentially slow down the water flow
  • The foam can disintegrate within a couple of years and may need to be replaced right away.


Mesh gutter covers

Standard mesh DIY gutter guards Australia cover the entire gutter opening when inserted under the gutter lip and shingle edge. Use screws to secure them onto your gutter. Some mesh guards include tiny holes that will keep out pine needles and maple helicopters, while still allowing water to flow freely.



  • Super easy to install.
  • Effectively keeps debris out.
  • Fits with the most standard-sized gutter.
  • They can’t be seen from the ground.



  • Large-hole mesh gutter guards can become clogged by “oak catkins” and other finer castoffs from trees and shrubs.


Screen gutter guard

Screen gutter guards come in different materials like galvanized steel, aluminium, and vinyl. They effectively allow heavy rainwater to flow freely into the gutters, all while effectively keeping leaves out.



  • Screen gutter guards are known for their strength.
  • Some variants are powder-coated and can easily snap into gutters without the need for attachment screws or supporting arches
  • Screen gutter guards are removable, which is convenient during gutter cleaning and maintenance.



  • Smaller debris like pine needles, maple seed helicopters, leaf stems, and twigs may enter your gutter guard or collect on top of the gutter screen.


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