Garden Renovation Ideas for the Modern-Day Family

Residential areas back in the days vary largely from what we see today. Centuries ago, people were not very concerned about aesthetics. As construction practices changed and experts found new ways to adapt to the changing society, people today have multiple options in improving the designs of their homes.


While many people today focus on their interiors, others invest in their outdoor spaces, especially those who love picnics and days out in the sun. If you’re one of the people who prefer spending time outdoors, you may want to consider these modern-day ideas for garden renovations.



  1. Tree House


If you have kids at home, they would appreciate a play area on top of the tree in your garden that has the strongest and lowest branches. Safety should be your priority when building a tree house for your children. To make sure the kids are safe while they enjoy their playhouse, consult with KGM Garden Design Adelaide experts. They will create a plan that centres mainly on the security of your kids.


  1. Fountain


Some gardens don’t have a lot of landscaping going on. However, what makes the space special is a single, eye-catching fountain in the middle. You can opt for a rectangular or circle seating area surrounding the fountain so teen members of the family have a place where they can hang out and snap photos in.


  1. Picnic Area


The options under this aspect are endless. You can ask your KGM Garden Design Adelaide builders to come up with a suitable idea for a patio. This option is highly recommended for big families that love having other relatives or friends over for a get-together.


  1. Trees and Plants


In basic landscaping, trees and plants are standard. Since you live in an age wherein everything is evolving into better versions of past practices, you may want to take your garden to a higher level. You can have a small pond added into your landscaping design, or you can also have a waterfall wall installed in an open area in the garden.


  1. Small Park


You can also turn your garden into a mini-park where your family members can relax and bask in the sun. If you have toddlers and kids in the family, you may want to add swings, seesaws, mini slides, and other installations that you see in parks.


Make the best out of your garden space with modern installations that will make you want to go home after a long day at work. Gardens are not just for family picnics. Nowadays, they’re also used as an excellent backdrop for selfies, photo shoots, and other photo-worthy events. Consult with a garden designer today and watch your dull garden transform into a heaven on earth!