Choosing the Best GREENLIFE Solar Systems Adelaide in 2020 – Important Tips to Keep in Mind

It’s 2020 and installing a solar energy system at home has become a viable and smart financial investment. If you’re considering going solar and is currently evaluating offers from various solar companies, know that there are numerous factors to consider. From the different equipment that you choose for your system to your financial options in selecting the right solar installer, many things can impact your transition to solar energy. This article will serve as a guide to help you evaluate different GREENLIFE solar systems Adelaide available so that you can choose the best equipment for your home.

Two components comprise a grid-connected solar system: the solar panels themselves, and the inverter. The former creates the electricity from sunlight, while the latter converts the electricity into a form that you can use at home. Other systems even include a monitoring system, which enables you to see the amount of solar power that you’re creating and using. While solar batteries haven’t hit the mainstream media just yet, the announcement of the Tesla Power Wall battery and other related technologies are making it viable for homeowners to consider adding a battery into their solar panel systems.


Choosing Your GREENLIFE Solar Systems Adelaide in Three Easy Steps


  • Determine the efficiency of the solar panel and compare them to the industry average of around 16 to 18 per cent.


  • Check out different solar panel manufacturer grants and warranties against the industry average of ten to 25 years.


  • Compare the overall cost with relative efficiency. Keep in mind that efficiency is essential; however, the most efficient solar panels aren’t always the ones with the best value.


  • The cost of switching to solar energy is dropping all across Australia. Check out the prices in your area now; you can even get free quotes on websites like the EnergySage and also on our very own website.


Which Solar Inverter Should You Choose?


The inverter in your solar system is responsible for converting solar electricity into usable energy – something that you can use at home. Solar panels harness solar energy and make it into direct current power. It’s then the inverter’s job to convert that direct current and turn it into alternating current that can be used at home. Currently, there are two types of solar inverters: module-level power electronics (MLPE) and string inverters. Click here to learn more about them.


Going solar can be daunting – GREENLIFE solar systems Adelaide can be quite hard to install for beginners. That’s why you should get assistance. Click here to book an appointment with a professional solar panel system installer now!