Factors to Consider When Looking for a Sound and Lighting Hire Company

Whatever kind of event you’re organising – whether it be a concert, wedding or conference – it’s essential to keep in mind that every occasion is a performance. Each aspect of the event has to coincide and make sense; otherwise, your audience will not be able to relate to what’s going on in front of them. For that reason, you should also ensure that your sound and lighting is crisp and on point, which is why you need to hire a professional sound and lighting hire company. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider:




Each event is different, and so are its requirements for lighting. But how exactly do you determine the proper lighting for different occasions? Here are a few event lighting hire fundamentals to keep in mind:


  • Adequate lighting – the lighting needs will differ based on whether it will be held outdoors or indoors. Make sure to run a lighting test before the event.
  • Lighting arrangements and control – lighting shouldn’t stay static. You need to control the brightness and light spills to set the desired mood for each part of the event.
  • Lighting for filmed events – if the event is also filmed, you will need to strategically position the lighting equipment where it will not shine towards the cameras. The entire venue should also be sufficiently lit to eliminate any shadows and ensure a clearer view.


The most crucial part of setting up the proper lighting equipment is determining how the light will spill into the entire space. However, with a professional lighting crew on your back, you don’t have to worry much about that.


Sound Systems



Similar to the lighting equipment, you also need to consider the full range of sound system available for rental. Keep in mind that your decision on which one to hire will come down to your budget, the number of guests or people in your audience, as well as the mood or feeling that you’re trying to create for each part of the event. Also keep in mind that prices for sound systems will vary in size and specifications to match every type of application, including:


  • Announcements – a sound system can convey information is carefully installed to match the needs of each event.
  • Background music – a sound system will also be used for background music, which will be played to enhance the surroundings.
  • Live events – in a live event, a sound system often requires a team of audio engineers to operate a mixing gear and produce live and vibrant sound effects.


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