Entertainment Rigging Tips & Tricks

Are you organising an upcoming event? Do you want your stage to look bigger and more spacious? If so, then you need to clear out all the clutter by rigging all of your equipment. At Nexstage.com.au, entertainment rigging is what we do best. This article will help you get started with your rigging job as we’re going to show you the ropes of this craft. With that said, we’ve prepared some interesting tips and tricks that you should know about entertainment rigging.


What Is Rigging?

Before we proceed, let’s first address the main question of people who don’t know what rigging is. In its simplest definition, event rigging is the act of suspending things in the air so that the stage will not be filled with unnecessary props and equipment. It’s also useful for when you have aerial performances, or when you need a certain prop at a particular part of the show. It’s a relatively straightforward concept with a rather sophisticated operation. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some useful tips and tricks for safe and successful rigging:


  1. Always Check For Damaged Cables

Cables are what you’re primarily going to use when you’re rigging. It’s also used to power up automatic rigging machines. Before you put it on or wrap it onto your prop or equipment, you should make sure that the cables you’re using don’t have any damages. That way, you can guarantee lesser chances of accidents during the event itself.


  1. Clean Your Rigging Tools & Equipment

To ensure maximum functionality, you need to keep your rigging tools and equipment clean at all times. Overlooking this process will result in rusts and corrosion, which compromises the quality of your rigging equipment and render them unable to be used properly. Before you use them, make sure you check your tools and equipment for any potential rusts or damages.


  1. Don’t Rig If It Isn’t Necessary

A simple rule of thumb: if it isn’t necessary, you don’t have to rig it. Rigging consists of planning out where you want to suspend the item, as well as determining the right cables to ensure it doesn’t fall prematurely. It’s a burden, to say the least. So if an item doesn’t need to be rigged in the first place, then it’s better that you keep on the ground instead.



At Nexstage.com.au, entertainment rigging is our forte. We want to share our knowledge with you and give you a better understanding of this craft in event organising. For more articles just like this, visit our website now.