How Does Plantation Shutters Cost?

Plantation-Shutters-Adelaide Plantation Shutters Adelaide are one of the more familiar names in window coverings. For years they were considered a necessity for window coverings only and were the preferred choice for window treatments for homes. But more recent designs and construction techniques have made them more practical and even cost-effective for many consumers. These days plantation shutters have evolved to become more decorative in design. As a result, more people are choosing them for their home window treatments.

A plantation shutter is simply a strong and sturdy window covering generally consisting of a sturdy frame of wooden slats and horizontal wooden railings. It is fitted inside an opening that is usually located within the wall of your house. Often can be found in standard sizes for French windows, but now manufacturers are producing them in almost every size imaginable and at varying prices.


They look best when they are not painted and come in either vinyl or faux wood finishes. If you have older windows that have already been painted, you can still use the plantation shutters by custom-painted to match the original colours. You may want to choose faux wood instead of vinyl if you consider these because vinyl will crack and peel much easier than faux wood. Faux wood shutters can also be ordered in smaller sizes to fit windows that are not as wide or tall.

The basic design of plantation shutters is to have louvres on the lower portion of the shutter, which allow the light to pass through but keep the outside from entering. There are different types of woods used to make louvres, such as basswood, maple and oak. Other than the type of wood used on the louvres, the width of the louvres can also vary. Some shutters are composed of solid panels, while others are made up of louvres that open and close. It depends on the size of your window.

To know how much your living room would be charged with vinyl plantation shutters, you need to measure the dimensions of your window and then add twenty-four inches for the width and forty-six inches for the length. Therefore, your price per square foot would be forty-six dollars for a one-bedroom apartment and would cost thirty-two dollars for a two-bedroom house. Some shutters come with a remote control, so it would be convenient for you to raise or lower the louvres. This feature is also nice if you are in the mood to sleep in the sun during the day or apply sunblock on sunny days. Faux wood plantation shutters cost more than faux wood, but they will last for a long time and will not fade as real wood does. See Plantation-Shutters-Adelaide Plantation Shutters Adelaide.

Regardless of which type of interior plantation blinds you choose to install on your windows, they should not be considered purchases that should be made at the spur of the moment. Make sure that you shop around first and compare rates. It will be more practical for you to purchase your shutters from Plantation-Shutters-Adelaide Plantation Shutters Adelaide that provides the same service for both vertical and horizontal blinds. Then you will not have to go back and forth and will save some time.