Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Skip Hire Perth

While it’s a pretty common waste disposal trend here in Australia, skip bin hire services isn’t as popular as a standard garbage disposal in your area. However, don’t let that take away the fact that hiring skip bins is the better option when it comes to effective waste management and disposal. We want you to be aware of skip bins and start utilising it. That’s why we gathered a few ‘frequently asked questions’ about skip hire Perth.


What is Skip Hire?

Skip hire is when you employ the services of a professional waste management company that rents out skips. These skips are similar to dumpsters that you see on the road. However, unlike standard dumpsters, skips feature a topped opening. The waste that you throw should also be dry. You should not mix different types of waste. That way, it will be easier to collect and recycle at the centre. For instance, you should have designated skips for your wood, plastic, metals, and more.



What Can I Put in the Skip?

Rubble, hardcore, bricks, soil (uncontaminated), domestic waste such as packaging, fixtures, furniture, furnishing, and non-electric fittings such as wood, metal and plastics can all be placed in skips.


What are the Things I Can’t Put in the Skip?

For legal matters, there are materials that we are unable to collect and take away with a skip. Skip hire Perth involves the proper selection of the right waste materials. The things that you’re unable to put into your skip bins include waste, electrical equipment including microwaves, refrigerators, hairdryers, television sets, radios, kettles, toasters, computers, and more. Click here for a full list of the different materials and wastes that can and can’t be placed in your skip bin.


Does a Skip Bin Hire Have the Required Licenses and Permits?

Every professional skip hire service provider should have the proper licensing and permits. The Australian Environment Agency should fully license them as waste management and disposal carrier. Most experienced skip hire services in the area offer years of experience and skill to you. So if you’re interested, call their hotline now. Click here to get a list of the most reliable skip hire Perth services firms in your local area.


We know you have more questions in mind that need answers and clarifications. We’ll be more than willing to answer each one of them by sending us a quick email. You can also reach us out in our social media pages.