Install a Window Mounted AC Unit

During the summer months, the electricity costs can increase due to high temperatures and humidity. Because of this, individuals result in using window air conditioners as alternatives. These are easy to install, and they are easily removed when not needed. Below are the steps to follow when it comes to window air conditioner placement in your home.

Preparing the Installation

Before you start the work, take a minute to study the room and choose the ideal window for the installation. Consider a window that is within 2 or three feet of the three-pronged wall outlet. It the only available electrical outlet is two-pronged, hire an electrician to install a three-pronged socket. Never use an extension cord or an adapter to substitute as this could lead to fire and other safety concerns. Also, be sure to measure the opening of the window and compare the measurements to the dimensions of the AC unit you have bought. If you’re yet to buy the window air conditioner, use this information when ordering.

Prepping the Air Conditioner

Before anything, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s manual for proper fitting. The following instructions are only meant for guiding you. First, start by mounting the top rail using the screws in the packaging, which will help support the system in the window space. The next thing is to remove the side panels from the pack and examine each one of them to determine which side will go on. Extend each of one and slide them into the appropriate tracking. Once the panels are in place, the AC unit is ready for installation.


Start by opening the window and clearing any obstacles that might complicate the installation procedure. For safe and easy installation, be sure to have an extra hand. Gently place the air conditioner unit into the window space, and ensure that the mounting rail on the bottom of the system is on the outside of the window. Pull the window down behind the top rail on the system and make sure that it is firm and secure. At this point, the top rail should be on the inner side of the window.

Next, you need to extend the side panels to touch the window frames and use the right hardware to mount the panels to the window. The AC system will also come with sash lock hardware which you will install above the front facing sash in the window. You can as well use foam to seal air flow between the lower and upper sashes. You should as well add some insulation around everywhere there might be incoming air. The better the insulation, the lesser cool air will escape, and this will help you save energy.

As you can see, the installation process is not easy. If you cannot handle such work, you can always contact an expert in window air conditioner placement. There are many such experts, and you only have to locate the best. With referrals and online resources, you can easily find a reliable AC installation company and have your window AC unit fitted correctly.