The Two Most Popular Brands That Sell the Best SpendLessNZ Mens Shoes

When it comes to notable shoe brands that sell high-quality men’s’ shoes, you don’t really have to dig deep to find one. Men don’t consider the brand of the pair of shoes they’re wearing. What they do prioritise is the design and quality of the shoes. They examine the quality of the shoe first before buying it. If it’s stylish and durable, they will buy it and wear it. That’s the simplicity of men and their shoes – no fuss or hassle. But don’t make a mistake about thinking that men don’t care about what they wear. When it comes to shoes, men are as passionate as women. But they’re not as particular about branding as women. But despite that, there are still some notable brands that most men choose when buying their shoes. These brands sell some of the best SpendLessNZ mens shoes that you should try out yourself.



Let’s start with the household shoe brand that everyone recognises. With its extensive range of sports and casual shoes, Nike has established itself as the undisputed leading shoe brand for both men and women. It’s like the Google of search engines. While primarily a sports brand, Nike also sells casual sneakers and other types of shoes. Apart from the recognisable swish logo, their shoes are also made with quality and durability in mind. These two features work hand-in-hand in achieving the best pair of shoes for any type of person. Nike shoes are also known for their comfort and lightweight – not to mention that it also has unique designs that truly stand out. All of these features are what makes Nike such an iconic brand when it comes to men’s shoes.



Adidas is coming in second as one of the most notable shoe brands that sell high-quality SpendLessNZ mens shoes. Just like Nike, Adidas is also carving its way to the top of the shoe market. The shoe brand also makes a name for itself by rolling out some of the best shoes for both sports and casual wear. There was a time when Adidas was the number one shoe brand in the world. However, that title has since been given to Nike. But that doesn’t mean Adidas has already lost most of its mojo. It’s still a juggernaut in the shoe industry and is continuing to rise to the top of the ranks. It’s a combination of both style, durability, and longevity, makes Adidas an appealing shoe brand for people who want their shoes to last long.


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