Why Use Silage Wrap Film

No serious livestock farmer can overlook the need to preserve livestock feeds. It is only with sufficient feeds can you take your livestock farming to the next level. Besides, nowadays, it is proving hard to predict future weather and climatic conditions, and therefore you’re better off with extra feeds in case the worst happens. But the question is, how do you preserve quality feeds? Well, unless you do the preservation the right way, frustration will be the order of the day when it is time to feed your livestock. Many farmers have lost hundreds of bales of silage and hay, and so you should everything possible not to make the same mistake.


When it comes to preserving feeds, the right approach will depend on what you’re storing. For instance, if you are making hay bales, then you need to adopt the modern methods which includes the use of balers twine or net wrap to bind the feeds into bundles. If you intend to leave the hay bales on the farm, you can then use silage wrap film for the best protection against the harsh Australian weather. On the other hand, if you are making silage, for example, corn silage, you can decide to use the silage pits, but this time, you will use silage covers to cover your silage. You can as well avoid the pits and use silage film to preserve your silage. If you use these modern methods, you are sure to have quality feeds at the end.



Am sure you may be wondering why making hay and silage revolves around using quality silage wrap film. It is because silage film has unique features that will keep your preserved feeds safe from any weather damages, For instance, since these supplies are waterproof and airtight, you are sure that there will be no any form of rotting. Also, the film is UV stable which will keep the feeds save from the harmful UV lights. The film is strong and stretchable as well, which makes wrapping easy.


Some other reasons why silage wrap film is useful when it comes to preserving feeds is that it lowers the preservation cost. For instance, the fact that you do not need a storage facility for your bales means that you are saving money and you can preserve an unlimited number of bundles. The film is also very affordable and readily available in the market which means you will spend less. Lastly, since the whole process is mechanised, the labour cost is low as you only need to employ someone to operate the baling machine if you do not have one in your farm. These baling supplies have revolutionised the livestock farming industry, and so if you have not used them, it is time to use these products and take your business to the next level.