Benefits of Soft-Close Floor to Ceiling Hinged Wardrobe Doors

Are you thinking about upgrading your cabinet door? If so then you should definitely try out soft-close cabinet hinges. As the name implies, they help your cabinet doors close more slowly by incorporating a mechanism that prevents them from being slammed into the frame. That means once your cabinet doors are pushed back or released, this mechanism will trigger in such a way that the door will end up closing slowly and silently. There are numerous benefits of soft-close floor to ceiling hinged wardrobe doors. Here are some of its advantages:


Prolonged Wardrobe Door Life

The soft hinges work to lessen the impact that your cabinet gets whenever you close your wardrobe. Through this mechanism, your wardrobe will experience less wear and tear. Since the door is always closed in a gentle way, it will help minimise the stress placed on your wardrobe. In addition, soft close wardrobe doors also prevent potential cracks, marks, and dents from forming on your door frames. These are usually the cause of doors being slammed. With the soft-close mechanism, doors are closed slowly. That also means you won’t have to spend a lot of money on maintaining your cabinet doors in the future.



Offer Peace and Quiet

Another notable advantage of floor to soft-close floor to ceiling hinged wardrobe doors is their ability to offer some peace in quiet inside your bedroom. It may not be as big of a deal, but some people tend to get frustrated with the way their wardrobe door closes. The noise can sometimes get irritating. With a soft-close mechanism, your wardrobe door will always close softly and silently. It prevents any form of sound from a cabinet being slammed. Thus, it offers some much-needed peace and quiet.


Provide Safety

Another advantage of soft cabinet hinges is its ability to offer safety to the user. Since it closes slowly, it can help prevent your fingers from getting caught in between the doors. This occurrence is pretty common among children and can occasionally happen to adults if you’re not careful. With soft-close hinges, you can avoid these injuries.


High-end Upgrade

Finally, there’s no doubt that soft-close wardrobe doors are a high-end upgrade to an otherwise ordinary open-close mechanism. It’s a luxurious update on your wardrobe entry that provides functionality, comfort, and style. On top of that, it’s pretty less expensive! So make sure you make your upgrade today!


Soft-close floor to ceiling hinged wardrobe doors is among the best types of wardrobe doors out there. Update your cabinet door to a soft-close now! For more details on this fantastic mechanism, click here.