Dentist West Lakes – What Happens During Your Dental Visits

Have you ever wondered why your dentist, and every other dental expert, recommends you come back for an appointment every six months? It’s because regular dental visits at least twice a year is essential for maintaining an active and healthy mouth. Visiting your dentist twice per year is enough to keep your teeth and gums at peak condition. If you need any additional help, Dentist West Lakes suggest that you make even more frequent visits. It all depends on the status of your mouth.


What Happens During A Visit To Your Dentist?


You may not be paying considerable attention to the entire process since most of the time; you want it to be over with. So here’s what happens during a visit to your dentist:


A thorough dental examination doesn’t stop with checking for any tooth decay alone. During your visits, your dentist will also evaluate the health of your gums and your entire mouth. These checks are for any indications of oral cancer, vitamin deficiencies, or diabetes. You may have encounters where your Dentist will also examine your face, saliva, bite, and jaw movements. After the entire inspection, your dentist will then clean your teeth, while stressing the importance of you maintaining good oral hygiene at home.


Dentist West Lakes, and any other dentist in general pay close attention to tartar and plaque. The reason is that these two can potentially build up in a short time if you’re overlooking good oral hygiene. Food, beverages, cigarettes, and alcohol can stain and damage your teeth. If they are not removed from your mouth, soft plaque can harden on the teeth and irritate your gum tissue. If not treated right away, plaque and tartar can lead to tooth decay and severe gum disease like gingivitis.


During your regular dental appointments, your dentist will most likely check your gums, teeth, mouth, tongue, and throat. Here is a simple routine to a dental examination:


Head & Neck Examinations


At Dentist West Lakes, an examination will likely start by examining your face, neck, lower jaw joints, and lymph nodes. The next step, which is the clinical dental examination, will assess the state of your teeth and gums by the following:


  • Examining your gums
  • Look for any signs of gum disease
  • Look at the tissues inside your mouth
  • Examine your tongue
  • Check your bite
  • Look for any visual evidence of tooth decay
  • Check for any broken teeth
  • Check for damaged fillings
  • Look for any changes in the gums covering your teeth
  • Evaluate any dental appliance that you have and use
  • Check the contact in between your teeth
  • Take X-rays (if necessary)


Once your examination and cleaning are complete, your dentist will tell you the overall status of your teeth and gums, along with making any additional recommendations. That’s why it’s essential that you see Dentist West Lakes, or your dentist if you do have one, every six months. Doing so will keep your teeth and gum healthy all year long. Visit our official website now to book an appointment with our dentists and dental hygienists.