Pergola Ideas for Garden Renovation

Pergolas have come a long way. These home additions are some of the most beautiful creations you’ll see in gardens and outdoor spaces. Whether you’re opting to purchase pergolas Adelaide or you want to have one built from scratch, you have a long list of options in terms of design.


There are varieties of designs that contractors can offer if you have space allotted for pergolas. Other homeowners choose to have their shades constructed. Many opt for a more convenient way, which is to purchase pergolas Adelaide.


Here are some of the best ideas you can consider as you search for designs that will best suit your home’s aesthetics.


  1. Curtains or Drapes


You can add curtains or drapes to your pergolas. Curtains add a romantic feel for late-night dates with your spouse or intimate family dinners. Drapes also add a more exceptional feel of privacy for people who don’t want quality time with their loved ones.



  1. Sofas over Chairs


Instead of a table-and-chair set, go for sofas! This option will work best if you will be using your pergola in the afternoon and at night. You can also add cushions and a carpet on the floor for added comfort. Your friends will surely love this particular part of the garden!


  1. Hanging Plants


Plants are crucial in integrating nature into your home. If your property has more stone pavements than grass, you may want to add several hanging plants on the corners of your pergola. This way, the plants can make up for the lack of grass in your garden.


  1. Fireplace


For the colder months, you can have a contractor build a traditional fireplace beside your pergola. A fireplace will help you and your loved ones enjoy outdoor gatherings even if the winter breeze blows.


  1. Fairy Lights


Fairy lights are the perfect pair for your pergola’s centrepiece. These small lights add a cozier feel for late-night talks with friends or relatives. These lighting systems also provide a calming feeling that will work best with mellow music.


  1. Full Cover


If you don’t want some sun to intervene with your morning routines, you can purchase pergolas that feature full top covers. These pergolas are unique in the sense that they cover your outdoor space entirely from the top so you can still hang out even when the sun is up.


When it comes to designing your pergola, explore all of the options available! Don’t stick with a particular design that you saw somewhere. You’ll find many other design ideas when you consult with the experts. Go the extra mile and find the right pergola design that will suit your lifestyle best.