Here’s How We Believe Pilates & Physio Adelaide Can Work Alongside Each Other

Physiotherapy and Pilates have always been two separate physical treatments that get a lot of comparisons. While Both have the same goal of attaining a better body through effective physical functioning, they’re entirely different mediums of physical treatment. Physiotherapy involves treatments like massage, heat treatment and a variety of different exercises. It’s can effectively treat injuries and deformities without the need for invasive methods like taking synthetic drugs or undergoing surgery. Pilates is a system of custom exercises tailored towards treating your physical injuries and pain. It utilises different specialised apparatuses designed to improve your physical strength. In this article, we’re going to give our opinion and findings on how both Pilates & physio Adelaide co-exist and work alongside each other.



When you look at both Pilates and physiotherapy, you can think that they come from the same origin. For one, they are similar in many areas, particularly in treating different physical conditions. That’s also the reason why we think it’s a great pairing – a match made in heaven. Both treatments feature concepts that not only pair well; but ultimately complement with each other. Many patients who have experienced both Pilates & physio Adelaide have shown significant signs of improvements through the years.



There are two different kinds of Pilates: standard Pilates and Clinical Pilates. The latter is common for treating people with musculoskeletal problems. A patient who experiences chronic injuries can acquire muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and chronic injuries. At the same time, they also suffer from poor posture or abnormal movement patterns.


Standard Pilates can also be used to treat physical conditions as well. If you’re someone who experiences back pains, you may have an overextended lordotic posture. It may be due to overextension in your lower back. For this matter, Pilates may be advisable but with caution. We suggest that you go for physiotherapy in this case as having back pain is a delicate matter.


Selecting between Pilates & physio Adelaide can be confusing, especially if you’re not fully aware of their similarities and differences. You also need to select the right levels. Some can be too challenging for people that are suffering a particular type of pain. It can potentially cause the patient to use stronger muscles as opposed to their core muscles because of the pain they’re experiencing. For a more comprehensive take on this topic, click here. You can also read our other articles talking about Pilates and physiotherapy.